How often do you eat junk food? And, do you count calories?

I personally count calories, and have maintained a healthy weight doing so for 5 years now. But I do include moderate amounts of junk food everyday to keep me sane. Whether it be a serving of chips, cookies, a candy bar of a few mini ones, or a (small) bowl of ice cream, as long as it fits in my limit its all good with me. Anyone else do this?
  • I'm the same. I'll eat junk food and anything as long as it fits my calorie limit.
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  • I eat junk everyday and don't track calories.
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  • I eat it a few times a week, but track it.
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  • I eat it a few times a week but still don't track it.
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  • I rarely eat it, but when I do I track it.
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  • I rarely eat it, and don't bother tracking it when I do.
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  • I eat junk food way too often, but I do try to keep track of calories.


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  • Way too often, and no I don't count calories


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