How much is too much sugar in a daily diet?

I want the minimum number that's too much.
  • 2 grams
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  • 4 grams
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  • 6 grams
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  • 8 grams
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  • 10 grams
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  • 12 grams
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  • 14 grams
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't really know about it in grams, but to have a healthy diet the only sugar you should eat must come from fruits. A bowl of fruits everyday in the morning is perfect. Not at night because it is energy that would not be used during sleep so it is transformed into fat. You can still have you're favorite sugary good once a week if you miss it too much though. Like a cheat meal for the body. ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿค—

    • Is organic trail mix okay to eat with 11 grams sugar? And coke that has 13 grams as opposed to 48 grams once a week?

    • A handful of nuts it's great everyday, they have good fats and protein but just a handful is alright. Coke, not really, healthy diets don't include coke in any of their presentations. Opt for coconut water, or just plain water. You can add a couple of slices of lemon or orange to give it flavor.

    • by the way, eat the nuts without added salt.

Most Helpful Guy

  • The real limit as they say lies beyond this poll but actually it depends how you burn what you eat.

    • Even if you burn it off, the ingredients stays in your blood.

    • Geek mode; not really! Sugar is Glucose+Fructose. Body uses it as an energy resource and releases Carbon dioxide xD

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  • all added sugar should be avoided along with simple carbohydrates (except small amounts of fruit) and processed carbs like bread and pasta. All of these behave similarly to sugar when ingested and spike insulin levels.

    if you want to be healthy and increase chances of a long healthy life, do this.

  • Well all you need is the sugar in fruits. Table sugar is highly unhealthy

  • 0. You can literally survive without sugar unless you just eat the natural ones made in fruits.

  • no idea


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