What do you think about the amount of meat and dairy we consume?

Personally, while I am not against eating meat, I believe nature intends for humans to be omnivores. However I also think the rate at which we consume it is disgusting. The demand is so high, we're pumping livestock with growth hormones and keeping them in horrible conditions.
I'd rather raise a happy piggy, even treat it as a pet even though I know it'll be slaughtered eventually for food.

I've also been seeing more articles about how dairy cows are treated. I understand the need to repeatedly impregnate the cows, otherwise how else would we continuously get milk. But do we really need to rip away the baby from its mother and yank her udders until they bleed?

Let the baby drink its mothers milk, maybe substitute part of its diet with a formula so we're able to take the extra milk the mother produces.

(Then again, I have personally never raised livestock and perhaps my formula idea isn't possible)

I think the main issue is the crazy high demand. If we ate less meat and dairy products and ate smaller portions perhaps we'd be able to raise livestock in healthy and humane ways.

Perhaps we should be more open to meat or dairy alternatives. While meat substitues aren't always everyones cup of tea, I find dairy alternatives aren't too hard to come by. there's also different kinds of alternatives so if you don't like one, try another.

How do you feel about the amount of meat and dairy consumption?

What are some solutions (other than becoming vegan/vegetarian etc. But that is an option I suppose) ?
Shout out to @BellePepper who said this was propaganda then when I provided proof blocked me like a child.
Also note that BellePepper also could not provide me with any proof for their stance what so ever.


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  • As a protein substitute, I have seen that insects can play a role. Insects like crickets and grasshoppers can be produced rather quickly and in large amounts. As for dairy, I agree that there are some good substitutes so I can't really offer any others.

    • I've noticed a lot of countries include insects in their diets but the US doesn't really, it's considered a novelty.
      Maybe we should eat more bugs, I'm willing to try it

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  • I have toooons of allergies so in learning about my allergies and the limitations on other people's diets I just don't feel comfortable telling other people how they should and shouldn't eat.

    • Thoughts on the treatment of these animals?

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    • You can't damn a plethora of proof just because you dont like one article.

    • And now I'm blocking you and not listening to anything you say. Do you feel like you accomplished your goal?

  • don't let vegans scare you, animals are not treated near as bad as they claim. I will admit that sometimes there are some bad apples, but it isn't happening often.

    • The evidence I've seen is hard to ignore

    • you ever been on a farm? or at a dairy or anything like that?

    • I haven't. But I've seen lots of different reports. Its can't be just a selecy few when there's so many different reports.

  • i switched to almond milk because I'm trying to trim down

    • I've tried almond milk and I think its ok. I wouldn't drink it with everything but for some stuff its alright.

    • yeah it's dope.

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