Who decides when choosing a place to eat?

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  • He or she does/I'll eat whatever
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  • Ends up not going / Indecision
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In your relationship, who ends up going to the restaurant they choose. I give up after a list of suggestions, but I get lucky if she does consider my 3rd choice


Most Helpful Guy

  • We take turns... or decide it with a game of FIFA if nobody backs down.

    • That's pretty funny. My girlfriend doesn't play videogames so it's like a default win for her lol

Most Helpful Girl

  • We both try to get the other to pick until someone caves

    • Lol caves from hunger or adorably nagging the other?

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  • He does.

    I'm not a foodie. I eat in order to survive. He likes food. He eats lots of food. He decides where we go. I can usually find something that I'll eat.

    Unless I am craving something in which case he gets so excited that I've actually taken an interest in food that we go where I want to go no matter what it was he was thinking we'd get for dinner haha

  • I've always been the one to choose, just keeping in mind what she likes. So unless she reeeally had a craving for a specific place I'd pick where I want to go that she also enjoys

    • Lol it's good there's always one person who isn't picky

    • Yea lol. This topic is just such a non issue that I can't understand why people have so much trouble with it.

      Random person: "Who picks?"
      Me: She wants you to pick and doesn't care that much. So fucking pick. If she gives a damn, then she'll let you know.

      It's like any time spent with that person and you'll learn what they like anyways. So you'll always have an idea.

  • I don't really mind. Most of the time people I know choose the places we go to for eating

  • anyone can.


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