Why people take it for granted, that you drink coffee in the morning anyway?

I don't like coffee and I don't drink it. But when I'm asked "What do you do in the morning when you wake up?", and I don't mention coffee... almost always, they reply: You don't drink coffee?

So why people take it for granted, that everyone drinks coffee in the morning?


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  • well that's just weird, it's only common sense that you could possibly prefer tea or other beverage or nothing at all. not everyone thinks that lol

    • Nah I dislike tea as well. I like chocolate milk more. But it must be a thing only where I live, because almost everyone here is seen with a coffee cup in his/her hand.

    • yes, coffee is part of the culture more than just a drink. where are you from?

    • From Greece.

  • I find this strange too
    I don't like coffee


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