I'm 175kg it's taken 10+ years to get this fat. yes I suffer depression?

but if you have already lost weight what are your best hints please.


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  • I lost a lot of weight. I'm a very busy person (Im a student, I study each day, sometimes till night) this makes it harder to hit the gym. I ate smaller portions each day, but ate lots of healthy things in between. I also cut out every beverage that's not water. :)


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  • get a gym membership and hit the gym everyday... cut out carbs like white sugar (use honey), bread (try rice cakes and other healthier alternatives), only one light take out a week and dont eat any form of potatoes

    remember to eat little and often to stay full!!!

  • In all honesty I'd be considering weight loss surgery, a dietician and a psychologist. With your size, age and depression it's going to need a HUGE amount of commitment, will power and a willingness to keep going despite your dark days.
    Surgery is shrouded by judgement and it's considered taboo to suggest it. It's often looked at as an easy way out by those who have no experience with it but I guarentee no one that has lost weight successfully through it would agree.

    Good on you for seeing you need to make some changes

    • thank you I'll have to talk to my dr see what help is available here

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