Have you ever tried orzo with peanut butter?

Copying from a dream of mine:

I was in a house with my cousin, and we were supposed to be secret agents. This house had seven floors, and each floor had a different design. In the first three floors everything was clear, but in the fourth floor, two robots attacked us. I used my gun against them, and I had them paralyzed after two shots. But as we were leaving, we realized that they weren't villains, but those robots actually were human. They put out their helmets and started talking to each other. They were two guys (disguised as robots) who were doing target practice, and we happened to be around.

On the 6th floor we found the actual villain, who was a tall big guitarist. The room was dark and full of neon lights, making it hard to find him, but once we found him we knocked him down. Then we got the key for the 7th floor, and we found out that on this floor he was keeping a machine. This machine was making orzo with peanut butter. It was nice, so we took a few jars for home.

Back to reality... no, but I'm willing to give it a try once I buy orzo and peanut butter.


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  • I've never tried Orzo and have no idea what it is.


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