Have you tried Palak paneer , Chole or Butter chicken with laccha? Which one is your favourite?

My favourite is Palak paneer (aka saag paneer)


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  • Palak paneer is a Indian vegetable dish and it has many versions. In most popular version it is cooked with onions and garlic and served with many different types of Indian Bread., Chole is big horse-gram, most popular as Punjabi dish spicy, and usually cooked with onion and served with punjabi roti - Paratha or Nan. Butter chicken is more popular among the non-veg foodies. It is not cooked in my family - as a tradition we are vegetarians. Laccha is a special type of Punjabi roti, usually cooked from partially fermented wheat floor and cooked like a paratha. Most people call it Laccha-Parath. All these dishes are cooked in my home, except butter chicken.

    • True.. thanks for explaining.. haha I forgot people might not know here..

    • This will be a MHO and most helpful as soon as I see he option I select.

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