Fast food workers, is it annoying when a customer in the drive-thru asks for some time to think?

So I'm pretty indecisive when I have to make an order, and I usually don't always know exactly what I want to get. Most of the time I just hope someone is already ahead of me so I can plan my order quickly. I know you guys are timed, right? So I ask anyone who's ever worked in fast food how they feel about it. I hate being a burden. And I've found that online menus aren't always accurate, so I can't do that either. In general I take 30 seconds to think in drive through, but if I'm indoors I'll stand far enough back and take extra time before walking up. (Doesn't always work, people tend to wait for me at the register anyways...)

Also wondering if anyone else hates being indecisive too. Thankful for any answers, though this really isn't something I lose sleep over at night, obviously. Just curious. ✌


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  • when I worked fast food I didn't mind cause it was a good way to waist time and I the boss got mad it wasn't at me

    • Well I guess I can see the reasoning behind that. I just assumed the boss gets mad when they see the clock hit a certain time and automatically blame the employee or something

    • I mean they do but you just kinda go "yeah what ever you looser" cause there usually 30+ years old working full time at a Wendy's that they never left and you know your not going to be here in 3 months anyways so you just role your eyes and keep working cause if you get fired from one fast food job you can go to another down the street and no one will know or care that you were fired

    • I never realized how vicious the fast food realm was, I'm glad I work at Walmart. (Sarcasm)

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