It was my first time drunk and I think I've done something bad?

So I got drunk for the first time and I fell in the park was sick out a window shared a slush with a boy called Alex, then I gave him my first kiss and the next morning someone told me he had HIV and she thinks I had sex with him too!!


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  • go to a clinic and get tested. is your vagina sore from inter course or is it something they are just saying to freak you out? you cannot get hiv from kissing some one but unprotected sex you can. i would go to a free clinic and get yourself examined. and if he did it while you were passed out it would be rape because you could not consent

    • I don't know if they're saying it to freak me out but I didn't feel anything the next day and I know not from kissing but I don't even remember kissing him i thought o went to sleep.

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    • No I haven't

    • i would go to the clinic. or ask your friend if they are messing with you

  • You can go to the doctor and get antiretrovirals to prevent getting it, but you have to go soon.

    • This guy knows what he's talking about can confirm.

  • welcome to learning the hard way. good luck.


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