What type of food is bad for you when or with a sore throat?

i am sick and i just want to know what food i shouldn't eat, also what food would be good to eat, hopefully someone will answer.
is it okay to eat ham or bread?
i heard its fine to have ice cream and i love ice cream, but im not 100% sure if its true


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  • I don't think there are many you can't eat, probably stay away from tomato sauce since that irritates acid reflux and may make your throat worse


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  • As a singer, I would tell you to stay away from dairy. That will make you need to clear your throat, which will make it worse. And if spicy food makes you cough, then stay away from that too. Otherwise it's fine. But mostly, you just need to rest your voice and drink lots and lots of water. If you have a humidifier, use that. And honey is good too. And soup, just because it's mostly warm water. Good luck!


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  • Don't have too much dairy some is good but in small amounts
    Like Yogurt is good because it's not that cold
    But Ice Cream is fine but don't have too much
    - Bread and Ham -
    I wouldn't suggest it
    Good foods/drinks are things like
    - soup
    -tea (honey or ginger)
    -Ginger Ale
    -Warm water with lemon and a bit of honey
    I hope this helps

  • Anything spicy, too cold or sharp (chips).

    Try something mild.

  • Do not eat or drink anything dairy

    • i heard that having ice cream is okay to have and it makes your throat feel a bit better

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