Why do people like In-and -Out burgers? They are on par with McDonalds. I don't get It?

It's crap on a bun with a whole slice of onion on top. I like onion but the burger and fried are shit. Please tell me why you love this place.


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  • Veggies much crisper, Fries more natural (not mashed potatoes with spices added compressed into blocks, frozen and then oil fried, but actual potatoes going through a grater and then oil fried)

    Maybe it is a California thing, since they started here.

    • Yeah I guess so. It's a version of I want to die young. We eat actual food where I come from. Meets with no hormonal new and green lettuce. There is zero nutrition in anything this disgusting pithole serves.

      It's just another example of why So cal claims to be healthy and isn't. It's like, no we actually don't mass produce healthy food items. They take time, care are done locally and expensive.

    • As far as I know, the In-N-Out meat IS non-hormonal. They bragged about it once at least.

      Anyway, moderation in all things. Ditto for The Golden Arches.

      Once upon a time, such foods were "treats", meaning you partook of them once in a while, not all the time, unless you were some guy at a construction site, meaning you were working your butt off and all those calories were burned up.

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  • Fast and cheap when you're on your way to work or home. That's the only use for it. No one really LIKES it.

  • people like different things. why is that hard to get?

    • There's no excuse for this nasty worse than McDonalds food chain other than nostalgia. We are working to get it removed as it is so incredibly harmful to the poverty stricken neighborhood it opened shop in.

    • you get one life. some choose to eat fast food. some choose to attempt to deprive others of their fast food. smh

  • It just tastes goooooooooooood

  • Heathen!(!)


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