What are some easy to make decent dishes for one person?

Moved to the UK a few month ago, mainly been eating pizza, but that's getting boring. (and it's a serious pain to throw out all those boxes)

Any recommendations? I live on my own and I don't really the fancy kind of food, simple is best.

Also, I hate stuff like lasagna and pasta. I know, blasphemy.


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  • I was going to say Mac N cheese but you hate that stuff. Turkey sandwiches maybe, peanut butter and jelly? It's easy and it usually fulfills my appetite. Omelets are also easy, you can get creative and add whatever you like to eggs.
    I know noodles may remind you of pasta but meh, it's what I usually eat in college when I'm sick of pizza..

    • I'm used to instant noodles (lived in china at some point) It's not too bad. I do like omelets, but it looks like the bread here isn't what I'm used to, so I haven't made it.

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  • Chicken with rice and curry.

    Wok with some vegetables, meat and rice. You can boil the rice and do the rest on a frying pan. First you've to fry the meat, and then you can add the vegetables and rice on the pan. Soy sauce and curry is recommended.

    Salad. You mix together the vegetables etc. that you likes.

    Fish. You can just throw the fish in the oven with vegetables and squeezing some lemon juice plus some spice on it. After it's finished you can just take it out of the oven and eat it.

    Porridge. It's simple.

    Grilled cheese sandwich.

    I tried my best to mention some healthy and good food suggestions. I'm not a fan of junk food and frozen pizza tastes bad in my opinion.


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  • Taco
    Pasta never mind then lol
    Fried rice
    Chicken and rice
    Beef and rice
    Mashed potatoes /steak
    Steak and vegetables/rice
    Fried dumpling with ackee and saltfish mhm it taste nice on a Sunday morning
    Fried plantains with a little bit of salt taste nice
    And callaloo and fried dumpling with breadfruit add a little salt on breadfruit

  • Stir fries, curries, make your own pizza, roast meat...

  • Vegetables with potatoes and meat maybe?

    • That's way too much though, I'd just eat the meat and it also takes quite long to make all of it, in my opinion.

    • Oh okay. What do you think about pancakes?

    • Not bad, would need to buy one of those mixer things.

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  • Haha as a student in the uk ik how u feel 😆How about rice or veges (frozen if lazy) just boil that shet and its ready. in terms of meat.. chicken (breats) is easy to cook so is salmon


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