American food vs Mexican food?

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  • Show me examples! 👀!!

    • Does America even have authentic food? ... don't they just get food from other countries and Americanize it? :/ lol like pizza, sushi, tacos... etc etc... all from other countries and they change the way they make it to American style but still call it "Italian", "Japanese" 'Mexican" etc etc... lol

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    • @TencSeven burgers and hot dogs... Hmmm so I guess americas culture is basically "junk food"... . ewwk!

    • Yes America does have some authentic food. Louisiana has a very distinct cajun cuisine, there are lobster rolls and clam chowder in Maine, African Americans have soul food, there is a distinct Hawaiian cuisine. Texmex is American food, such as Chilli con Carne, that has developed from the Latin American history in USA. There is also a huge barbecue culture in America. Grits, cornbread, pecan pie are all foods from the south of the south of the USA.

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