People who drink Alcohol: Why don't you care about your health?

Alcohol causes liver failure, kidney disease, numerous types of cancer, bad for the heart, I could go on and on about the side effects of alcohol.

So tell me why you show little to no regard for your health. You can preach to me about how moderation is good and that you drink alcohol "occasionally" or "moderately" and tell me the typical "studies have shown hurr durr" response. None of it is true.

I get it, you think living a clean sober life is "boring and lame" and you can't "relax and have a good time" without alcohol even though thats just a placebo effect and that there are so many ways on this planet of 7.5 Billion people to "relax and have a good time".

And I also understand that you have been misguided and taught by your peers that not drinking alcohol is immature and that you only become a "real" man or woman by drinking alcohol and that drinking alcohol makes you "look mature".


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  • So I take it you never eat sweets, fried food, and processed food? You never indulge in a treat and you take care of your body 100% the way you're supposed to?

    • There is a difference between having sweets and ingesting a mind altering substance.

    • How so? Sweets aren't good for your body. Chocolate causes your body to produce dopamine and other happy endorphins, which is a bit of a drug effect. Often, sweets are addictive for that reason.

    • Yes but no one eat sweets excessively it's just a treat.

      Alcohol is far worse than sweets. Alcohol is also addictive.

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  • Doing a lot of things is bad. But poorly phasing an attack as a question is just despicable. A neutral way to phrase this would be as follows.

    " People who drink Alcohol: Why do you continue to drink considering it's negative health effects?

    Alcohol causes liver failure, kidney disease, numerous types of cancer, bad for the heart, there are multitudes of research that implies a bottomless well of negative side effects.

    I'd love to know why you still drink with these facts apparent. Though I would appreciate if we just glazed over arguments based in "moderate" and "occasional drinking". It would be helpful to cite any studies you reference. (Here you went on to blatantly show tons of bias, so I just kid of left it out.)"

    And to answer your question. I drink without letting that bother me. And according to your original """question""" there is no way to defend my position. So I'll just say this. I don't care about my life. Staying alive isn't my primary goal in life, who cares if I'm not all they when it comes back to affect me later in life. I'm not going to be the totally vivid and same oldie in the deathbed thinking over all the risks I didn't take. I'm going to be the guy who probably died 50 seconds after what will be recognized as the "the best selfie ever". And that's OK with me.

    • If people can be attacked for not drinking alcohol being called losers, pussies etc then I have every right to retaliate.

    • If police brutality is happening All Over America then I have the right to go and shoot at cops? Because that follows the same school of logic.

    • Im not saying what I am doing is right. But because you people refuse to stop calling non drinkers losers and you want to stigmatise sobriety as this bad and boring thing. You want to convince people that being sober is bad, uncool, unhealthy and boring.

      No one says "omagerd being sober is cool" no one says "omagerd you can have fun without drugs or alcohol".

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  • I don't even drink alcohol and this still sound like bullshit to me. I know you are trying to be provocative, but give people a break. It's a cultural habit and if done moderately, there is nothing wrong with it. Let people drink if they want to. It doesn't concern you, nor does it take anything away from you or do you any harm. I don't drink, but doesn't make me think the people who do disregard their health.

    • But they are allowed to say being sober is boring and lame, call people pussies, shill, losers, buzzkill etc? They are allowed to preach their pro alcohol nonsense?

    • Of course not. I've got only praises. "I wish I could be more like you" or "I admire you for being sober". I don't get shit from not drinking, and neither should anyone else. But bashing people who do drink only lowers yourself to their level, which makes no sense. Be proud of not drinking, but don't preach to other people. It's their own. choice, no matter what they choose.

  • Sometimes you have to grab life by the horns and just be happy, if drinking makes you happy so be it, if smoking makes you happy so be it. I've watch too many of my family members die, that we're "healthy" people to actually give a fuck. I smoke and I drink occasionally. Either way we're destined to die so why not enjoy life while you can. You got to do what makes you happy.

    • ikr you can't have fun or enjoy life without alcohol and smoking.

      Your attitude is very arrogant and narrowminded.

      Also your opinion means nothing to me.

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    • Nice a thinly veiled threat.

      And if you enjoy suffering from lung cancer and liver disease then good for you.

    • Now look who's being narrow minded. Knowing my luck I'll die by falling down the stairs either way I'll be die laughing.

  • Citation needed.
    I mean obviously drinking all the time is bad for you, same as smoking or being obese. But I just wonder why you think you're smarter than all the doctors who say drinking in moderation is okay?

    • Why do you want people to drink alcohol? Tell me what is so bad about living a clean sober life?

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      And you're supposed to say "I don't give a crap if you or anyone else DOESN'T drink alcohol.

      Also you haven't answered my question: What is so bad about living a clean sober life?

    • Did you miss statements like: "Drinking a lot over a long time or too much on a single occasion" "Heavy drinking," "Chronic drinkers" and "Research also shows that drinking moderate amounts of alcohol may protect healthy adults from developing coronary heart disease."?
      And my answer to your question is "nothing." I never said there was anything wrong with it. I'm just questioning the validity of your claims.

  • You could also walk out on the street and be hit by a bus!!

    • But no one intentionally walks in front of a moving bus.

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    • I know they are an "oppressed" group by us evil sober people and being good and sober is bad and sober people deserve to be bullied and made fun of by drug users/alcohol users/smokers for not doing drugs/drinking alchohol/smoking?

    • No one is good or bad for their choices.

  • When I'm sad it's a way to forget and have fun but working out is a better option just not as easy


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  • "None of it is true"
    And you are who that you can just say that pretty much all studies on this topic are wrong? Without even listing sources?

    A glass every now and then isn't bad for your health. If you overdo it, it's bad of course like most things.

    • But not drinking alcohol is bad too amirite?

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    • Either you're trolling or too stupid to read and understand what a said and what your own link said. You can choose yourself. Because you showed again with your last sentence that you don't read our understand what I said. If you don't even understand something as easy as the difference between helping making things easier and needing something, then there is no point in even discussing. Let me help you with this example:
      I need food to survive.
      Having a car makes helps to travel longer distances.


    • What I*

  • everything's causes cancer, I eat a healthy diet and I excersise. I don't over consume. Why do people eat cake and any type of sugar which causes just as much damage. It's a risk, so are many other things. I don't drink socially I drink because I like it. there are many risk and I choose this one and at my last check up I was great.

    • Ikr people go to parties to eat sugar and people are like "yo lets have sugar it's fun" and "last night I was at this party it was so intense everyone was having sugar".

      You drink because "real men drink hurr durr if you don't drink you're a pussy hurr durr. "You can't have fun without alcohol hurr durr". You drink because it is considered cool and "mature".

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    • You're using straw man arguments.

    • You're assuming, not one person that I know or anyone on here has made the argument that drinking makes you cool or uncool except you. It's like something from your life has triggered you and you can't let go.

  • Actually mate my family doesn't drink I drink because I enjoy it and if u get drunk it's not going to kill you straight away if u have a healthy lifestyle then you should be fine if u go out partying

    • You drink because of peer pressure and because the movies, tv shows, music and celebrities says it's cool. And being sober and clean is considered "boring" and "lame".

    • No not at all I really enjoy the taste of jd and no I don't look up to media for that stuff it's just people's choices like it's you choice not too

  • your link is about over drinking. it clearly states that moderate use for adults can be beneficial. also stupid people try to peer pressure others to do things, if you find yourself around people who are doing that... find a better social circle lol.

    • There is no "social circle" where ever single person does not drink alcohol. Not drinking alcohol is seen as a bad and uncool thing and associated with religious people.

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    • Lmao why would I hang out with muslims. Im an Atheist. And when I talk about social circles Im talking about friends/parties/social gatherings etc alcohol is always involved in those things.

    • I'm just pointing out that the people you hang out with is what makes your social circle.. if you hang out with Muslims (they don't drink because of the religion) you will be in a social circle where there is no booze. and someone drinking with them will be the outsider. do you understand that point?
      and you just made my mine again eh... you are socializing with people who want to drink, so there is going to be booze around. but if those same people ridicule you for not drinking they are assholes! do you not understand the difference between an ass hole and a individual who is accepting of someone's personal choices? do what you do, just don't tread on me eh.. is something to live by

  • I don't like drinking either, but try to be less juddmental and preachy. Having a drink won't kill you, and people are allowed to do it without you demanding to know why they're killing themselves. Just chill out and let people live their lives.

    • I'll do that when society stops saying my choice to not drink is "uncool", "boring", and makes me a "pussy".

      When being sober is considered cool and fun and not a bad thing I will stop retaliating.

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    • Also tell me why not drinking alcohol is associated with religion and religious nutjobs?

    • People who drink alcohol are the majority because people tend to enjoy it. Not doing so is often associated with religion because religious reasons are a common reason not to drink, though by no means the only one. I don't particularly care for pop culture, but usually characters who are heavy drinkers are portrayed as idiots or victims with problems. If you insist on having an example, Babylon 5 had well liked characters who didn't drink.

  • To much of anything is bad for you. Alcohol is no different, some here and there won't hurt. But to much will


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