Would this be classed as bulimia?

I lived with my mother, who was severely bipolar and it was left undiagnosed. She abused me and it had major affects on me. I found myself eating lots of junk food and out of nowhere I started regurgitating it after every meal but then I'd swallow it again (I couldn't go to the toilet because I wasn't allowed basically).

This especially happened when things were really stressful. I know it sounds stupid but it made me feel better and gave me some relief.

I was quite young at the time and didn't fully understand what was going on. I did manage to stop once a twice but it always came back when things went bad.

It got worse after my mum died and now that I'm older I can make more sense of it. I still tend to do it after almost every meal. Whenever I'm feel down or anxious or things have upset me I binge eat and then I will just regurgitate. I can't help but have an urge to eat everytime things go wrong.

I don't know if it has anything to do with it, but I'm always an extremely picky eater. I've never touched a vegetable or fruit for years. I know I like some fruits but I physically can't make myself eat them.

Please don't judge me for this, it's hard enough admitting that there's a problem.


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  • I think it sounds more like an involuntary anxiety disorder. Get it checked out by an actual professional.


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