What's worse, people allergic to soy or people that have never heard of pickled watermelon rinds?

Serious question, please give careful consideration. Many thanks and warm holiday wishes.
  • people who are allerigic to soy
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  • people who have never heard of pickled watermelon rinds
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  • theyre both equally awful except people who have never heard of pickled watermelon rinds are a bit worse.
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What Guys Said 1

  • Hitting the important things in life. I'm going to go with people that haven't heard of watermelon rinds mostly because I hate tofu.

    • Sometimes we need to stop amidst all the bullshit and fake news and really ask the things that matter.

What Girls Said 2

  • Umm... I've never ever heard about pickled watermelon rinds, lol. I guess from today on I am not a pickled watermelon rind anymore.

  • People that are allergic to soy are marked by a specific genetic sequence that makes them susceptible to evil. I read this in a peer reviewed journal of molecular biology so I know I'm right.

    • None of your nutjob alt left political brainwashing here! This is a safe space!

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    • I don't know, I always thought alt right was just short for alternate right. And the only alternate to right would be left. So, by logic, alt right = left.

    • So alt right are just left liberals. Well. Someone go tell the papers. "the alt right are just confused lefts".

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