Guys, I haven't eaten in 3 days and I'm just not hungry?

I wouldn't say I'm extremely skinny. Yes I have a thigh gap and hip bones sticking out but my boyfriend likes to hold onto them in sex so he says to keep them.
im seriosly not hungry and I've not been eating for almost 4 full days now.
its really weird.
im drinking nothing but fruit juices and milk and water...
any advice?


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  • I am assuming that you are doing this to yourself deliberately though. The lack of appetite is not the issue, you like to avoid eating. Am I right? Or are you saying that you just have some kind of bug/virus right now and usually you eat normally?

    • I've been gradually eating less recently but I've been to the doctor and I don't have a virus.
      I don't eat because I'm not hungry.
      And why should I eat if I'm not hungry?
      I don't want to loose weight...

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    • Oh right ok.
      I do eat I've Justin not been eating for the past few days.
      Plus I've been told I should gain weight

    • You need to think about the longer term issues that such repeat periodic or routine starvation can cause. It would be best to negate a future of digestive problems before they become inevitable.

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  • you could have indigestion or hyperacidity I would suggest either consuming detox water or consuming some sort of ant acid

  • That's not normal, you should see a doctor.

  • go to a doctor


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