Have you tried space cake (brownies with weed in it)? How was the experience for you?

I tried it once and I got high very briefly, less than 5 mins or so, and all the other time I was just... super sleepy.


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  • Yeah I have a few times. I find it's better than smoking it since it takes longer to get high, the high lasts longer, you don't get the dry mouth and bad taste.

  • I've always wondered about those. Anyways, people usually look really F'ed up so I probably wouldn't.

    • Not really. As I told you, mostly I just got very very sleepy. But the thing with space cake is that there's no way back and you have no control once it's in (the only control you have is the amount of cake you consumed).

    • @aacrs ooh. be careful then tho.

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