Do they sell Jersey & Guernsey milk and clotted cream in the states?

Jersey milk comes from this cow that originates from the island of Jersey in the English Channel. It is extremely rich and creamy. Do they sell this in the USA?

Guernsey milk comes from the other big island in the channel. It is nice, it tastes a bit different to other milk and some people who are lactose intolerant find that this is milk they can actually have. It can be hard to get in the UK, so has anyone ever heard of it being sold in the US?

Clotted cream is very popular in South-west England in particular (where I am from) and is where you give full fat milk a steam bath, let it cool, and these big fat lumps of rich gooey cream float to the top. They sell the cream in little tubs. People like to spread it on their scones and cookies and make ice cream with it. Do you have this over there too?


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  • They do sell clotted cream in Canada. They do not sell Jersey or Guernsey milk because Canada has very strict and protectionist regulations on the dairy industry.


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