What did you have for breakfast today? and what are you planning to eat through the day?

I am trying to lose weight, so at 9 am i had a cup of black tea with diet sugar, and one brown toast with a little bit of cream cheese.. i am planing to only eat a little bit of chips with sugarless juice around 2 pm,, and finally one piece of nectarine fruit as a dessert around 5 pm.. I know it is not the healthiest,, but i am generally trying to decrease the amount of my intakes, sugar, and sweets,, I used to eat A LOT for every meal,, so this is a big change for me,


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  • If you're trying to lose weight, this is the worst way you can possibly go about it. Especially when you lower your intake of food, you have to watch out and make sure that it's all healthy stuff so you get your nutrients. Also you need to eat proper meals, or you either won't be able to do this for long or you'll move straight to anorexia land. Both would be shitty. So:
    1. Cut the sugary stuff. Just cut it. No more 'diet sugar', no more 'sugarless juice'. If you want to sweaten up your tea, take a teaspoon of honey, it tastes better that way anyway. If you feel like drinking some juice, buy it as a treat maybe once or twice a month and make sure that it's 100% fruit and no sugar added. Even so it will be a calorie bomb, so don't drink it daily.
    2. Eat a healthy breakfast! One brown toast with cream cheese ain't gonna fill you up my dear, and when you're hungry you won't be able to perform. Instead eat something healthy. A medium fruit salad with some low fat yogurt comes to mind. It tastes good and it'll give you enough energy for the rest of the day. Don't put any sugar in there tho. Sugar isn't your friend.
    3. CHIPS ARE NOT A MEAL. They're a snack. Don't eat them as a meal. You will either eat to much and not lose any weight or you'll not eat enough and stay hungry. Maybe try some coucous with veggies. That shit will fill you up in no time and it tastes really good.
    4. Eat something in the evening, if you only eat a piece of fruit, you'll go to bed hungry. I've done that a few times and it's the worst. It will be hard to fall asleep and your belly will hurt the next morning. Eat a full meal, maybe some chicken breast with a bit of salad. Or literally anything made with pasta (pasta has a lot of calories, but who cares. It fills you up and it's delicious).
    5. Count your calories. It's literally the only way to keep proper track of how much you should be eating. There are a lot of apps to help you with it. I use myfitnesspal, it helps me a lot.
    6. Don't eat anything after it gets dark. Your body will slow down its metabolism, because it's time to sleep now.
    7. Treat yourself once in a while. Make little goals and once you reached one, get yourself some ice cream, or some chocolate. You know, something you really enjoy.
    8. Exercise. Find something that's fun, so it's not a strain on your day to day life.

    I hope you'll have great results.

    • thank you so much for your sincere advises,, i like the fruit salad with yogurt suggestion ,, i will do them :)

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  • The last year I've lost around 20kg (and yes... I still need to lose more). There are a couple of things I've learned though the process that might help you:
    - eating every 2h30m to 3h is important! Eating several times but small really helps a lot
    - during lunch, try not to eat saturated and heavy carbs ( meaning: try to avoid potatoes, fried stuff as well. Go for beans, or peas, or other carbs that are not heavy). Also, another good rule: try to use the 3 parts rule for the dish: half veggies, quarter meat/fish and quarter carbs. Try to cut out the carbs at night, since you won't use them probably
    -WATER! I can not stress out how important is to have proper water in take. I am personally drinking 2 liters of water per day, but honestly, probably 1,5 liters for most people is enough

    There is a lot more to know about this, but probably I would end up making this text box a lecture. Anyways, forgetting fried stuff helps, using Olive oil is usually good, and try to make it the first 2 weeks. During this time, it will be hard, but it gets natural after that period. Best luck to you.

    Oh, as for the breakfast, I usually have a sandwich of non white bread ( no... This is not racist) with a piece of chicken ham and simple milk.

    • thank you dear for your advises,, i will definitely use them since they do come from successful experience,, and i bet you look much better now and have better confidence,, i am happy for you ":)

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    • Honestly, I am not still ok, but things changed and I believe at least I am in power to make those changes :) thanks for rooting for me though!

    • It can set you back yes, but once a week a little deviation is not a disaster. Still try to keep things under control when possible

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  • I had a chocolate filled croissant and a cup of coffee for breakfast

  • 6.30am: 1 glass lemon water

    7am: 100g brown rice pudding (nuts and dried fruit)

    8am till 2pm: 3 glasses of lemon water

    2.30pm: 200ml Hot milk with coffee, brown sugar, safrron, cardamom pods.
    30g of almond milk and sugar balls.

    I am planning to have:

    Few glasses of lemon water.

    6.30pm: 1 bowl mixed lentil soup, 4 table spoons carrot potato peas, 1 table spoon yoghurt. 3 small flat wholemeal breads.

    7pm: 20g chocolate cake with 1 table spoon double cream

    • very nice and determined ,, may i ask you what is the benefit of the lemon water and why are you keen on it?

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    • so you just put water warm or cold? and then squeeze a lemon on it? that's all?

    • Lukewarm, just cut slices of lemon make sure it has no waxing or chemicals on it

  • Good for you! :) don't restrict too much. Just control your portions and you'll be fine :)
    I ate two pieces of toast with peanut butter for breakfast.
    For lunch I ate more toast.
    For dinner I ate roast chicken with steamed vegetables.
    Seems like it's not a lot until you realise I smacked on chocolate covered peanuts allllll day :)

  • here's a fact, fruit juices are made by removing all the fibre so whether they have added sweetners or not they still contain far too much sugar. this sugar in the blood is then broken down by your insulin. problem is that insulin is there to break down fats but responds to sugar first. stick to whole fruits in future or you may as well drink regular coke

  • My breakfast 7 days a week coffee and 2 muffins

  • I ate 3 slices of pizza.
    As for the rest of the day, I had some cereals and a small cup of jello.

  • eggs

  • Morning I ate meat with patatoes


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