What are some good foods for diabetics?

like for breakfast, lunch, dinner etc..
Where's everyone at tonight?


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  • Were you recently diagnosed? If so, I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure you are feeling very overwhelmed right now. My brother has had Type 1 diabetes since he was 16 months old so I know what he goes through and what a terrible disease it is. If you have Type 2, that is a bit different from Type 1 but I can still try to give some advice and words of encouragement.

    Have you spoken to a nutritionist? I think that would be the best course of action for you. They can give you expert advice tailored to your personal needs. Just in general though, you should steer clear of (or limit your intake of) carbs and sugars. Lean meats and veggies are likely the best options.

    Here are some informative sites that you may find helpful as well.

    Ultimately, while having diabetes definitely sucks, it CAN be managed. People with diabetes can live long and happy lives as long as they take it seriously. I know you're probably feeling really confused and upset about it, that's normal after being diagnosed with any disease (I felt the same way when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease) but those feelings will pass. You will learn how to manage it and while it will be part of your life now, it doesn't define who you are. This is something you have the power to control. Best of luck to you!

    • yes my blood sugar was 492 at the er last night

    • Yeah, that's definitely very high. I know how scary it can be dealing with blood sugar issues. Hopefully you have managed to get it down now though and under control.

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  • Low carb, low GI sugar with mostly meats and vegs, but the best is the keto diet with some sugar to stop it glucose levels from getting too low. There are a lot of studies that going Keto can over time reverse type 2 diabetes, though it depends on the extent of the disease.


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  • Sorry this is long, but wish to help. Type 2 I assume? It's a hard adjustment, but the best thing you can start with is drastically reducing the amount of carbs (breads ect) you eat and eliminate sugary sodas. I promise after you reduce your carbs for a bit, not only should your levels improve somewhat, but you will feel sooo much better.

    Do you feel sluggish or generally bad after eating? That's your sugar getting too high bc insulin can no longer penetrate the cells the way it is supposed to. They have become insulin resistant. This is why you get metformin (glucophage). That med helps improve cell sensitivity to glucose in the blood.

    Are you obese? Simply losing weight, which you will on low carb and metformin usually, can drastically improve sugar levels. In fact, my god mother who was obese, was always diabetic until she got gastric bypass surgery. Once she lost 150 lbs she no longer had diabetes. Even exercising each day can improve blood sugar levels.

    I have insulin resistance, but do not have full blown diabetes. My condition improved somewhat because I lost 30 lbs. Anytime I eat very sugary or fatty food I honestly just feel sluggish and off. I never realized it until I began reducing sugar and carbs. Huge difference. I still eat carbs, but not on the level I used to so my day sometimes goes like this.

    • Sorry I didn't include my meals bc it's way too long already.. and I meant to go anonymous rrrr. I feel so exposed now

    • *goes back to hiding*

  • Eggs with spinach is a breakfast favorite of mine.
    Seasoned chicken for lunch
    Fajitas with turkey meat for dinner

  • low carb basically

    or if veggie:

    oatmeal woth almond unsweetend milk
    rye bread with butter or peanut butter

    veg soup

    stirfry veg with rice or noodles (small portion)

    • You mean the Atkins diet?

    • yeah.
      it really works. hard in the first week but then u lose hunger, ur brain fog clears and weight loss is fast. there is a big supportive community for it i think livin la vida low carb...
      if you were a vegetarian yoi would just look for low GI low sugar food. but if you eat meat and like cheese snd meat low carb atkins is it!

  • I'll give you a simple tip to keep your sugar level in control. You got to soak three lady's fingers in water leave it over night and drink that water in the morning. Its very sticky but still you gotta do that

  • Fast a lot to reduce insulin levels. Eat small portions.

    Walk a lot.

    Never eat food made anywhere else other than home.

    Drink a loooooot of water.
    Eat wholemeal instead of plain flour.
    Eat vegetables.
    Eat dairy.
    Eat meat.
    Eat fish.
    Eat poultry.
    Eat fruit.
    Eat nuts and seeds.
    Eat dry fruit.
    Eat healthy fats like grass fed organic butter.
    Use good fats to cook food with.

  • Hi I'm type 1 for 3 years for breakfast 4 carbohydrate
    Bagel 2
    Juice 1/2 cup
    Butter 1 teaspoon
    Jam 1 tablespoon
    Bacon 1 slice maybe 2

    Snack 1 small banana

    Lunch 4 carbohydrate
    French fries 10
    Hummus 1/3 cup
    Crackers 7
    Juice sometimes i go over a little

    Apple 1 medium size

    Dinner 4 or 5 depending
    Chicken palm of hand
    Rice 1/3 cups
    Salad half plate or more

    Snack before bed and lantus
    Granola bar
    Yogurt oatmeal with fruits mixed together
    My list can go on and on I just mix it up

    • I'm not on insulin right now but on glucophage

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    • This isn't the best diet for someone diabetic at all

    • Well I know what's best for me ☺

  • Protein-rich foods and vegetables with every meal. For example, eggs with salsa or raw veggies for breakfast. Salad with chicken for lunch. Steak and broccoli for dinner.

  • How are you feeling? I know you recently had a health scare and I was worried about you. :)

    As for foods, I would stick to foods high in protein and low in carbs, especially sugar. Eat a lot of green vegetables and not so much fruits since they are high in sugar. Carrots and corn are also high in sugar so I would stick with green veggies.

    Did they give you a food plan or at least tell you what percentage of carbs, fat and protein your meals should have? Once you know that, then you can design your meals around those requirements.

    My sister, who is not diabetic but on the verge, was told she could have 50% carbs and 20% protein and 20% fat with each meal. That seems to me a little high for carbs but I am no expert. Hopefully, they told you what you should aim for.

    I hope you are feeling better. I have been sending good thoughts your way. :)

    • I know. Where is everyone? Probably not the best night for me to send out my question about getting to know everyone. lol! :)

  • Things that are low on sugar. I would go for something protein based like eggs. And onions or mushrooms

  • Google.


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