Weird pregnancy cravings - your experience with them?

Have you (either women who have been/currently are pregnant or men who have had the misfortu-PLEASURE of attending to a woman who has been/currently is pregnant) ever had/been witness to weird ass pregnancy induced food cravings (shit like shaved tuna on strawberry yogurt, soy sauce on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches)?

If yes - what was it?
If no - I don't know. Lucky you, probably.


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  • No, this doesn't happen. Its just a popular myth that sounds entertaining and all that. People I'm sure will follow on with their anecdotal stories to dramatize the experience. So, pancakes at 4 am will sound really dramatic if you add anchovies and oyster sauce. Which is a way better story than, ehhh my wife wanted pancakes, it was 4 am and I had to get up and make them.

    • well, you've succeeded in damaging one guy's pride, congratulations.

    • I'm usually way better at this but your crappy question didn't get much traction.

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  • My sisters didn't have any strange cravings... unless you count the weird chinese pregnancy diet my grandmother tried to insist they eat πŸ˜‚

    Some combos might taste a lot better than they sound though. Lamb with a chocolate sauce for example lol.

    • have you tried that?

    • Chocolate and lamb? Absolutely, it was actually a dish we had on the menu in the restaurant I worked at. The chocolate is like 90% dark so we used it very sparingly just to give a bitter hint, it goes really well with gamey meat.

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