What's the most effective way to ruin a good shake?

Of the choices below what's the best way to ruin a perfectly good shake. the results here are of the utmost importance so consider carefully before picking the obvious answer.What's the most effective way to ruin a good shake?
  • Adding Oreo cookies
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  • Adding whipping cream
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  • Adding a strawberry
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  • Mixing in French fries
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  • Adding in the worlds worst made cookie ever... GROSS (OREOS)!!!

    I don't do it often, barely ever but sometime the hot fries and cold yummy shakes mix well yeah :). Opposites and all that haha.

    • You clearly have no idea what ur talking about.

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    • I love a semi soggy Oreo after I drink a full glass of milk it's creamy n tastes like cake

    • @darklandrunner I have had it that way, and I will admit it was pretty good mate lol.

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  • Mixing in French fries


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