Is it bad that I drink?

Is it bad that I drink?Is it bad that I drink?

Before you guys come to conclusions, let me just say
this bottle looks new right? Wrong I’ve had this for months.
& Yes I've drank out of it, maybe 4 times.
When I drink, I drink baby sips literally I don’t think I drink a spoonful when I do drink.

I dont really drink to get drunk, but being tipsy helps my social anxiety & it helps me sleep.

I dont drink past 12, like right now it’s 4 am & I won’t dare drink this
No I don’t drink this with anything

(Turning 18 in February)
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  • I feel personally that you should wait until it is legal


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  • Nah a little bit isn't bad. As long as you don't get addicted. But really it's not very addictive, generally only people who drink to drown their troubles get addicted to it


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  • You are irish , hennesy brandy , it bad to drink alone at your age unless it Christmas or other


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