How to eat something you don’t like?

So, I’ve been invited to my mate’s house tomorrow evening for dinner and to stay the night (as we both go travelling the next day) - his parents are cooking Seafood Paela (which I’ve never eaten before), but I don’t generally eat seafood. Occasionally, I react badly to certain seafood but I’ve never been tested so I don’t want to say I am allergic to it.

He asked me if I like it, and I said I didn’t eat seafood but I’d give it a go if that’s what they were cooking.

His entire family will be there (as it’s a Sunday and they all get together on a Sunday) so I don’t want to be rude and not eat the meal but I don’t want to end up eating food that I don’t like. What can I do? Any suggestions on masking the smell/taste of seafood cause I don’t want to gag lol


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  • Try being as hungry as you can, it will only be disgusting when you are full. And do add a lot of spices on itm


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  • Warning, sarcasm incoming...

    Step 1: open mouth
    Step 2: insert food in mouth
    Step 3: close mouth
    Step 4: think about delicious food
    Step 5: chew
    Step 6: swallow
    Step 7: repeat


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