Was my drink spiked?

After beingnout last night. I got kicked out of a club for being too drunk. I've threw up twice today and lost my glasses last night and some money i think. My taxi driver didn't charge me for the ride. I had played three rounds of beer pong and lost two of them. I left my vodka and redbull sitting on a near by table so i could play before i realised it was unattended i went and picked it up and brought it to the table. Drank it and continued playing. But i noticed a large table pf men sitting watching. Perhaps because i was playing beerpong? I dont know. My team mate left and started talking to someone and one of them noticed and tried to step into the game and play. Later the people i had came out with all moved upstairs so i went with. I was then kicked out. After being outside for a little while i still hadn't sobered up. One of my friends was trying to get me into a taxi home which i kept refusing only for me to lie and tell her inwas going to meet someone else. After this is where i blacked out for around half an hour (or at least i think). I don't remember anything. I must have walked somewhere. I "woke" up in a place i didn't know crying with two or three french people trying to get me home into a taxi when I couldnt even remember my own address. All I remember is crying but apparently people seen me walking through town, and apparently i looked happy. So was i having aopd swing as an effect of having something slipped into my drink? I also dont take any drugs. I just drink.


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  • You Were The One There And You Don't Even Know If Yo Drink Was Spiked Lol I Would Be Surprised If It Wasn't, I Mean Who Leaves Their Drink Unattended & Then Goes Back To Finish It Off. Like Come On, Use Your Head.

    • Its actually easily done. Its not something I usually do. Expected one of the people i was with to sit down. Not play beerpong doubles. Hence why when i realised it was at the table i went and moved it. It was there less than 5 minutes.

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  • No drugs don't do that thats alcohol


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  • Who knows? You broke some of the rules about not leaving drinks unattended. You might have been raped. Best get yourself checked out!

    • I dont think i was raped. If i was i think the people that helped me get home caught me just in time before anything bad seriously happened.

    • Let us really hope so!

    • Thank you for MHO!

  • Yeah you were drugged and embarrassing

    • Its hardly embarrassing. Left my drink for two seconds. I was with a group of three other men. wouldn't expect my drink to be spiked when i was out with the boys from my work and im the only girl.

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