I greeted a customer with this on accident?

So I work at taco bell and I haven't had a day off in about a week. I've been calling it 'Taco Hell' in my head because it's been frustrating. I worked 12 hours today, no break. on my feet for 12 hours straight pretty much.

well the orders just kept coming and coming, like non stop. Sundays are supposed to be 'slow' but never are. My drawer brought in around 2800 in sales today. I was getting bishy because my feet hurt, hadn't eaten all day. I wasn't thinking and I accidentally greeted a customer with, 'Hi welcome to taco hell, what can I get started for you?'

My manager was speechless. She was like what did you just say? our other co worker was trying not to laugh after the shock passed for him. The customer didn't hear the difference, my manager was freaking out. I was like, omg. I can't believe I finally said what I was thinking. Oops

So yeah. I was wondering if anyone else has ever said something they didn't mean to, or have any interesting stories like this.


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  • I can imagine the look on the managers face. Priceless. i once heard someone say domihoes ( instead of dominos). I might have Misheard for sure but it was hilarious.

    • It was great. I really didn't mean to say it, although I'm not sure I regret it lol.

      domihoes is also a good one xD

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    • Some memories are just keepers. All the very best for the rest of today.

    • Thanks. You too

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  • If you carefully read your entire question here most of it is you beefing, bitching and complaining about your job there. First of all it is illegal for any employer to make an employee work 12 hours straight with no break so I would address that with your manager before her ass is fired immediately.

    Quit complaining and be thankful you have a job and if you do not like working there then find another job at another fast food place as they are hiring all the time.

    • I was explaining why I was calling it taco hell in my head lol, and yeah my time punch said 11 hours 54 minutes. I didn't realize that was actually illegal, thanks.

      I'm not meant to be complaining, just asking if anyone has a similar experience. And no I don't like working there, but no fast food place is a good place to work. At least there I know the people. Have you ever worked fast food?

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    • yeah I feel you. To be honest, I'd rather work 12 hours at this job than 6 at my last job. There? I was the only one who worked. no one else cared.

    • sadly there are many crap workplaces and having a contract not always helps. (bulgarian friends tried to make a report about the company not keeping the rules.. they were laughed at in the office n they were told "be happy that you're working here". like.. wtf? we could work anywhere xD)

  • You Were Pretty Melo Actually, Not Even Near Bad For 12hrs. I Work In A Night Club/Bar From 4-10, Sometimes I Do Overtime & It Is The Definition Of Hell, Str8 Up😑

  • Yeah many times! But I'm curious what happened thereafter? And how did you manage?


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