Is the buffet or restaurant cheaper?

Not a fancy restaurant. Maybe an Asian restaurant versus buffet?

Which do you prefer? Which do you feel is cheaper?
Need some ideas since I'm going out with five other family members. We haven't decided yet what to eat out at for dinner. Thanks!


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  • Whether or not the buffet is a cheaper option depends on how much the buffet costs per person and how much you are capable of eating. If you can eat a lot then usually the buffet ends up being way cheaper because of the cost of food overall and the amount of food being eaten.

    Restaurants give small portions sometimes so at the buffet, if you eat a lot, allows you to get more food for a set price.


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  • The secret to getting your money's worth at a Chinese all you can eat buffet is to not fill up on noodles and deep fried stuff like chicken balls. Eat the seafood options and a variety of veggie dishes, meat dishes & fruit then once you're getting full dig into the noodles and deep fried stuff. Lunch time is less expensive than dinner time.

  • Buffet is cheaper


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