How can food burn bridges between cultures?

To me, food can either build and/or burn bridges. If you're curious about other cultures' foods, then it builds bridges. Or if you move to a new area and you happen to like the local food, then food can bring you closer to the local people. But what if you don't? For example, if you moved to India but you don't enjoy Indian food, because you can't handle the spiciness... then you would have problems hanging out with the locals if you can't eat their food.

Any ideas on which ways can food also burn bridges (prevent a good connection between 2 or more cultures)?


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  • When one culture doesn't drink alcohol and the other does.

    Definitely burns bridges.

    • oh yeah! That's a really good one!

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  • I see your point but that is very situational. I won't be that harsh but then again I'm slightly more cultured because I'm Asian American in a well known city for diversity. I have met people that are just weirded out by some Chinese food it won't break our relationship with them however we will criticize them because that's what we do culturally.

    As for going into another culture and their food then I think people with food some dish they'll enjoy and the longer the stay the more they may adapt to the food there. It really depends on the person and if they have a curiosity for food. But if you are stuck in a new country with different food either you'll find a way to cook your home food or you learn to enjoy they food there.


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