The sports bar I go to is super boring and I don't know what to do?

there is a large chain sports bar / restaurant near where I live and I've been there often over the years but lately its really been a bore.

it started to go downhill a couple years ago when the local university campus closed it was rather small and only had 200 or so students but some of them worked there and brought some life and interesting people to the place , so now most of the servers are like older than typical servers you'd see in a restaurant like late 20's or 30's , instead of younger crowd

the sports that's on also isn't that interesting , NHL doesn't seem to be a big draw here anymore for some reason even though hockey is popular , I'm not really into football so don't go there to watch that sport and nobody seems to watch the NBA at all here

I was there last night and stayed for 1 drink or maybe an hour but was bored out of my mind and had to leave , just don't know what to do , maybe I need to go somewhere else but the other options don't seem that interesting either?


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  • I dont know what to say dude. If it sucks dont go there.

    • I know it seems like the easiest answer to go somewhere else , I can't exactly recruit more interesting servers for them , its just its a smaller city without a lot of options so there isn't exactly a lot of other places nearby

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  • most obvious solution: go elsewhere you pedantic queen


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