My roommate accidentally crushed his cherry and it popped. Did he just lose his virginity?

My roommate was eating cherries today. He accidentally dropped one and stepped on it. I told him that he popped his cherry and he gleefully looked at me and said "bruh. I just lost my virginity".

I asked him how so and he said that it's because he popped his cherry. Is this true? Do you lose your virginity if you pop your cherry?


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  • Congrats. You just solved to riddle to life. Everytime you eat cherries and one pops, you lose your virginity. If you eat a banana, however, you get your virginity back.

  • no u have to go all the way during sex to pop ur cherry

  • For some reason I want to fight you and laugh at the same time

    • Why settle for violence when we can both pop cherries together?

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    • I think you mistake me for a masochist but whatever floats your boat. I'm open for anything

    • I can’t even

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