Do you like corn / maize grits?

Do you like corn / maize grits?
I love them.

To my fellow Southrons: despite corn grits being an especially Southern-affiliated food item, I've met an awful lot of Dixie people who don't like them.


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  • There are different ways to cook grits and that sometimes greatly affects how people appreciate them. Grits that are cooked less have a gritty consistency and I do not care for them. Grits which have been cooked low and slow, and preferably with some butter or cream, are much smoother and quite delicious. I also enjoy creamy grits with garlic and cheese. If only grits were not primarily a carbohydrate!

    • Undercooked grits are indeed quite unpleasant. I'm sure that someone likes them that way, but not me. Haha. My father's and mother's respective sides of the family prefer their grits with differing amounts of moisture. Dad's family is from lowland Virginia (Tidewater culture), and they like theirs soupy (Southern gravy, they call it). Mom's side is Appalachian, and they like their grits much thicker and less wet, as do I. Yeah, garlic and cheese are good additions. Tabasco and black pepper go well too. Butter is pretty much obligatory, but EV Olive Oil goes well too for a more Mediterranean flavor.

      I actually breed corn privately as a crop geneticist, and there are some types (not commercially available) that have upwards of 17% protein and lots of antioxidants (carotenoids and anthocyanins). It's a shame, though, because most typical grits on the market are indeed nothing but empty starch. Haha.

    • Yeah, almost pure carbohydrates and I follow a low carb diet as a lifestyle choice (for both weight control and to minimize the risk of Type II DM.) But I do love my grits. And DO NOT give me any of those instant grits! :)

    • Indeed. Good food is worth taking the time for.

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  • Shoot yeah, as a southerner I love them.
    Sugar and butter on them

  • i very love it

  • Who cares

    • You cared enough to answer, m8.

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    • Well then this app sucks compared to what it could be cause of cornballs like you watering it down.

    • And as you can see no votes so nobody cares if you've been on here for years doing this bruh get a new hobby lmao

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