Loosing intrest in food I once loved?

Lately I have been loosing intrest in food I love. Like, I haven't lost my apatite, but sometimes I'll be laying in be thinking about some food I want. Then I'll go down stairs to my pantry, and when I see the food sitting in it's container or bag the feeling of hunger completely vanishes and then I just feel utter disgust. The craving goes away Immediatly. There are some foods I can't even look at or eat without physically cringing and feeling an over-whelming sence of disgust. Like I can't even look at cow meat anymore. It makes me nauseous. And after eating chocolate I get a lot of mucus and have to spit it out and it's brown.. 🤢😷 can't even eat chocolate bars anymore because of that. And the list goes on, but these are just the worst.


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  • It's your palate getting more sophisticated. I used to love super sweet things but now I could throw up if I ate anything super sweet.

    • Yeah, that's exactly what it is! Sweets, expecially chocolate ANYTHING makes me sick just thinking about, but I used to love that shit. Now I can't stand the mere sight of it. I used to be able to stand milk in cereal, but even that too groses me out now.

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  • I dont think that is strange. I do not eat. Ever


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