Are these the eggs they cook at schools?

Are these the eggs they cook at schools?
Are these the eggs they cook at schools?

Are these the eggs they cook at schools?

Ok so when I went to public school they would always serve these yellow scrambled eggs
they came in pretty big chunks
sometimes even in the form of a square.

People would call these eggs plain

well I LOVVEEDD these eggs..
i always wanted to cook these on my own, but I hadn’t realized they were a different type of eggs
i just thought there was a certain type of eggs you had to cook
they were even good plain.

Nobody ever liked these eggs and always gave them to me
now that i know what types of eggs these are...
daily breakfast...
Im getting 20 cartons
they also serve the same eggs at a hospital
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Most Helpful Girl

  • No idea what eggs they are. I just use regular eggs

    • I suck at cooking regular eggs and they aren’t as good
      In My opinion
      The ones about are much thicker and less dry

Most Helpful Guy

  • I think so our eggs where a different texture then normal cooked eggs in elementary school it was like blocky it was actually pretty good I'm sure it was some form of liquid eggs


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What Girls Said 1

  • Wtf. What school did you go to to get eggs? I've never had eggs in my past schools 😂

    • Yeah the school foods improved
      These eggs are healthy eggs though
      They serve them at breakfast
      They’re so good to me

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    • @wankiam
      You’re joking?
      Cow pee?

      but the thing says it’s healthy

    • yes cow pee and adverts for cigarettes used to say they were good for you so just look further than the headline

What Guys Said 2

  • not in the uk. food is quite well regulated here

  • No chance to get eggs in my school 😂

    • You guys should change that
      need to get better foods in school

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