Girls, would you find it a turn off, if a guy was counting the calories of the food he eats?

Where I live (Greece), girls find it weird if a guy does that.
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  • Not if he's over weight , and counting calories coz he wants to shed a few pounds/stone.

    If he was counting calories with everything he eats, but he wasn't overweight I'd assume he was too obsessed. I like to keep in shape, but I don't count calories.

    • I'm skinny actually. And I want to stay that way, that's why. And no, I don't suffer from anorexia because I realize I'm skinny, and I don't need to lose more weight. I just want to keep my weight stable.

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    • I cannot without breakfast, because I tend to eat almost nothing before I sleep.

    • Thanks for the MHO

  • No, as long as he isn't counting mine, then it's all good. My ex used to dictate what I should and shouldn't eat; it was much too controlling!


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  • It's ok as long as he's not too obsessed with it... and eats dessert

  • I don't mind.


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