Do you know of any good tasting dairy-free cheeses?

This year I️ found out that I️ am allergic to milk. I️ am trying to find good tasting dairy free cheeses, but am struggling. I've tried daiya and a couple others and I️ can't stand the smell and the taste. Does anyone know of any that taste good that I️ could try to find? Thanks!


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  • All sheep and goats' cheeses are dairy free (Feta, Halloumi, Pecorino etc)

    There is also a brand called biolife. I personally don't like their cheese ( it's too salty) but a lot of people love it.


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  • Allergic to milk or lactose?
    Sorry I'm asking because I'm allergic to lactose but I can eat parmiggiano (parmesan) and auricchio, they are naturally lactose-free, if this info helps...

    • Allergic to milk not lactose

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    • Ah sorry then maybe soy cheese can be alright

    • Okay I'll try that thanks!

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