BEST.. cheesiest... creamiest - Lasagna Recipe?

Hit me with your ultimate, wowser, creamiest, cheesiset lasagna recipes... Meat only please guys.

BEST.. cheesiest... creamiest - Lasagna Recipe?
BEST.. cheesiest... creamiest - Lasagna Recipe?


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  • Ok this will be a bit long.
    pork hamburger cook and drain spices (garlic plus (be generous) and pepper, no salt) beef if pork isn't available.
    fry mushrooms, onions and some celery then add the meat.
    depending on the amount cooked add 1-2 jars prego green pepper and mushroom sauce ( or your favorite) and simmer until well cooked into ingredients.
    have noodles boiled drained and soaking in cold water.
    use a large cake pan or lasagna pan, oil the base and inner sides of pan with a paper towel.
    place a layer of noodles down then layer of 1/2 the meat sprinkle some shredded cheese on meat if you wish.
    another layer of noodles then add a full 500-1000 ml container of regular cottage cheese and spread evenly on top of the noodles.
    more noodles then the rest of the meat (shred cheese if desired)
    more noodles and top with mixed shred cheese mozza, cheddar blend.
    bake until brownish on top. 325 degrees aprox

    Warning: this recipe will make your ass fat, and your panties wet!!!
    Marriage proposals by pm only :P


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