What's your favorite soda/pop?

Type "update" if you want DR Pepper
What's your favorite soda/pop?

  • What's your favorite soda/pop?Sprite/Sierra Mist
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  • What's your favorite soda/pop?Sunkist/Fanta/Crush
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  • What's your favorite soda/pop?Pepsi
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  • What's your favorite soda/pop?Coca- Cola
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  • What's your favorite soda/pop?Mountain Dew and I am not a redneck
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  • What's your favorite soda/pop?Diet coke
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  • What's your favorite soda/pop?Grape soda and I am not black, you RACIST
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Of those listed here, my favorite is Sprite. But most of the time I drink ginger ale, cream soda, or anything made by Dry Soda.


Most Helpful Guys

  • Sprite. It's just carbonated water, sugar and flavours.

    Whilst flavours is definitely a nothing term, it's better than the 15 or whatever different chemicals in coke.

    That's the aussie sprite ingredients, anyway


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