What Indian foods do you know? To all the Indians, what did you have for dinner and what city are you from and what language do you speak?

An Indian guy sent me a private message, this happens because of my profile name. I always remember to ask "what did you have for dinner?" And he said "egg rice with sambhar" I got so confused that it took me 15 minutes to understand this. I even said, do you mean option one- sambhar, egg, and rice all together or option two egg rice is a separate dish and sambhar is a separate dish.
He was very kind, he explained they pour sambhar over the egg rice. I have eaten rice and curries but I didn't know what sambhar and egg rice was.

We ended up talking about food so much and he said we have one thing in common biryani, and his city is famous for biryani. I even told him to ask his mom to send me a recipe of sambhar, definitely he didn't expect this type of conversation with a girl.

I ended up asking him so many questions, about his studies, career aspiration, it felt more like an interview. Everything he mentioned I had to google, his dinner, his name, his area, his subject.

Anyways, I love talking to India and I love finding what city they live, what they eat, what they study, what job or career people have in their house. I know I am very nosey. It was accidentally a very good idea to put a guy off.
If you don't know Indian food, just share what you eat.


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  • I had chicken Patiala and naan for dinner. I live in bhubaneswar aka "the temple town" in East India... and I speak eight languages.

    • omg that is amazing, this makes me feel like an under achiever and guilty that there is so much that I don't know.
      I will definitely learn more about chicken patiala, I know what naan is, and I will learn more about the temple town. Need to increase my General Knowledge.

    • Hey
      No need to feel guilty... you have desire to learn and that's more than enough✌️ lol. Good luck 👍

  • lmao

    indian born
    In the capital, so knw most of the stuff about these

  • I'm a Indian guy who loves biryani

  • indian foods are sh*t sorry but

    • what do you eat? A lot of English people like Indian and Pakistani food. Depends on what food you are referring to?

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    • it is not a professional attitude to call someone's food shit. I am not Indian.

    • your right sorry

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