How many times have you been delivered wrong food?

It is night here and I ordered some Indian curry at a restaurant using some app. Instead of paneer (cottage cheese) curry, I got butter chicken curry. I filed complaint and got my paneer curry delivered and they didn't ask for chicken back. These things happen rarely with me. My bill was just INR 215 (approx $3) and the worth of all food I had was INR 475 (approx $6.75) I saved up enough money to order my food one more time again this month. I am feeling very lucky😄

I think getting wrong food for free is something common in the USA. I would like to know about it in other countries as well.
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  • Happens to us at McDonald’s all the time.

    • Thanks for girls MHO

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    • thank you for sharing... now i have an afternoon of youtube videos lol

    • Haha good for you. I should get an MHO too😂

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  • I'm in Canada, and I ordered about $60.00 in Chinese Food from a high end local Chinese restaurant for pick up. When I got home with three bags of food, I relalized it wasn't the food I ordered but must of been a $100.00 order. I called to complain I didn't get what I ordered and they told me to keep what I picked up and come back for my original order. So we ended up with $160.00 of food for $60.00.


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