What should I do if I'm picky?

I'm picky food wise and it has worsen the last years. I wasn't as picky when I was a kid. In addition I'm not a big fan of the cuisine in my country. Typically things the Norwegian cuisine consist of is the "husmannskost" which is boring prepared food with little to no spices, very basic like fish (usually cod or Atlantic herring or lye fish), potatoes, bread etc. Norwegians also eats a lot of breads to breakfast, lunch, evening etc. Not a big fan. Often I ends up eating a lot of crap, skipping meals or eating the same again and again.

So I hopes you can:
- Give me some advice how to overcome my pickiness
- Giving me some recipes on recommended food types that's both cheap, easy + fast to make and tastes good
- Advice where to buy foreign products
What should I do if I'm picky?#FoodAdvice #PickyFood
Why do some people gets pickier with age and was more of a food lover when they were younger than when they gets a bit older? Just curious.


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  • Where to buy foreign foods:
    This depends on where you live. If you live in one of the bigger cities (Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, maybe Stavanger), you have good chances to find a few foreign food stores if you look around, search on the internet and maybe ask some people who might know about this stuff. For example in my city there's not so much but if I go to Zurich, which is a bit smaller than Oslo, I can find a lot of different Asian shops and also some Arab stores.
    Sometimes, normal grocery retailers also have foreign food sections. For example we have a big retailer that has a Japanese, a Thai and an Indian section. They're not big but you can at least find the most important/famous items.

    Recommended foods:
    If you want to live on a budget, I generally advise you to buy a lot of healthy food. Fruits and vegetables are usually very cheap here in Europe. The same goes for staple foods of course. Instead of bread, you could also eat rice once in a while for example. It doesn't even have to be an Asian dish, it can also be something like Risotto. That's super yummy, easy to prepare and pretty cheap. When it comes to meat and fish, maybe try mixing things up a bit once in a while. For example buy some shrimps or some sweet water fish. Something you don't get to eat all the time. Maybe even some salmon (although that can be expensive). The same goes for meat: if you mostly eat pork, try buying some chicken or lamb. Lamb fits really well to anything slightly exotic. I love to make sort of Greek dishes with lamb, where I cook rice, fry paprikas (you can also use eggplants or artichokes or even tomatoes), make some Tzatziki (Greek yoghurt, small pieces of cucumber, garlic, dill, splash of olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper) and maybe add some Arab spices on the meat/veggies.
    Chicken is perhaps even more versatile. You can make chicken-pasta dishes, you can make a chicken salad or you can go Asian and make a Thai dish or an Indian curry.

    Advice to overcome pickiness:
    Try to find out which foods you absolutely hate and which foods you just kind of dislike. Once you know this, try to make yourself like the foods from the second category and leave the ones you really hate aside. One trick that has always helped me is this: try to eat one food you don't like (say mushrooms) over and over again. Don't give up after the first time. What you will find is that every time you'll eat it, you like it a little more and eventually you really like it. Your (cont.)

    • brain needs time to adjust to new things. But if you keep telling yourself that this is a yummy food, you WILL eventually like it. For example I used to hate olives but everyone else in my family ate them. So I kept trying them over and over again... and nowadays I love olives.
      Another trick is to mix your disliked food with a food you like. For example when I still hated olives, I used to buy stuffed olives. They were stuffed with cheese or with anchovies, both of which I love. This helped me adjust... and eventually I was ready to try pure olives.
      And finally, try preparing your disliked food in different ways. Try to experiment. For example my mom always used to cook water-boiled carrots and I didn't like them. I thought it was such a boring taste. However, I also didn't want to eat them raw. So, I thought about other methods of preparing them. Eventually I came on the idea of frying them very slowly on a low heat with butter and some salt. This made them taste really awesome.

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  • Make lots of stir fries (u van also use water to broil for a bit and finish of by frying in souly sause -that way u don't need oil). They have lots of veg but noodles and rice n meat cover them up.


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  • Eat some foreign food to spice it up. I live in the US and my family normally has Chinese food, Mexican food and Italian food in our normal weekly dinner plan. Other than that you can swap out which meats you use for the main course - pork one night, beef the next, then chicken. Something like that. Just change it up

  • Well, salt and pepper are very basic spices... U could cover ur fish in bread crumbs and then season it with salt and pepper.

  • I'm also a veeeeeeerry picky eater just eat stuff u like and to eat a little healthy try to eat healthy food once and a while and plug ur nose and use water or milk to walk it down

  • Try a curry. Everyone loves a curry...


  • Try the food


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