Vegetarian options?

Ha, so basically after years of not doing it out of laziness I've gone vegetarian, mainly as the heavy greens and fruit intake makes me feel better, looking for advice on everything from nutrition to high protein food, haha also I don't like eating non hallucinogenic mushrooms :)


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  • High protein food options: Lentils, cashews / cashew butter, Quinoa, Buckwheat, Hummus, chick peas/garbonzo beans, a variety of different beans, different types of nuts, raisins, and also avacado, brussle sprouts, eggs, etc.

    If you're choosing to be vegetarian, keep a balanced diet. You cannot just eat greens and fruit, make sure you're taking your proteins, carbs, healthy fats, etc. into consideration too!

    A great vegetarian recipe I personally enjoy is peanut sauce with tofu, noodles and fried vegetables.
    1) put some water on the stove, let it come to a boil and add your pasta. (I like the vegetable pasta, but it's entirely your choice)
    2) While your pasta is cooking, add 1tbsp coconut oil in a pan, add some white onion, and sautee it a bit. The add some veggies you like (I stick with sweet red peppers sliced thin, some baby spinach, snap peas, and even a small chilie pepper if i'm looking for a spice in the dish) You can add tofu at this time and fry it up a bit too!
    - Once everything's in the pan, add 2 whopping tablespoons of peanut butter of your choice. It'll melt, and coat all the vegetables.
    3) Drain the pasta, and toss it into the pan with the other vegetables, coating it in the peanut sauce.
    4) Put it into a dish after everything is combined, and sprinkle with additional chopped peanuts as an extra crunch. (I use a food processor for chopping nuts, it's quick and way easier)

    This is a delicious dish, very high in vitamins, proteins, and very healthy too. :)

    Another great tip for vegetarian diet is make sure you try and use different ingredients in your foods. I personally like easy breakfasts, that are also nutritious. An example of this is large glake oats, dried cranberries, raisins, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds all combined and cooked together with a bit of sugar. Brown sugar is great in oatmeal.

    Find foods you like, but also be willing to try and explore new areas of food too. Seeds make a great snack, and additional vitamins, minerals and fibre source.

    Make sure you're getting your intake of B12, calcium, Iron, and Zinc. These are important, and usually we do happen to become lower in these when changing our diets to vegetarian. Supplements may be required if you're very low, but work with your body.

    I hope you can find a diet that works for you. Stick with it, you'll get there!

    • This is fantastic! Thank you! haha you more or less listed a collection of my favourite foods, especially lentils, favourite meal is a lentil based peasant one my family carried over from Italy, I hadn't thought much about it but I eat less flesh than I notice, haha I was called a "hippie" from the age of 5 or so as I use to take mung bean sprouts by choice for lunch at school, I think I'll pick up a lower dose multivitamin or certain specific things as I always worry about calcium anyway but thank you very much! :)

    • Ah, some people can be cruel with their words, but you do your own thing and stick to it! If you enjoy the vegetarian lifestyle, proceed with it. I'd certainly recommend a multi-vitamin, just to be sure you don't miss out on any essentials.
      You're welcome, glad I could help :)

      Here's some extra vegetarian recipes if you need some ideas. I've tried a few from the list, hoestly very tasty and delicious, plus easy to make too!

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  • Morningstar Farms has great nuggets and burgers. Lightlife has amazing ground "meat". Dr. Praeger's also has veggie burgers. Beyond meat has a whole line of burgers, strips, and crumble.

    • Thank you, will check these out, assuming they are available in Australia

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  • Just make sure you get all the 9 essential amino acids

    • Thank you amigo! I hate fish and seafood and I hear supplements can taste of it and such, know good sources directly from food, haha I could just google

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    • I'd never be a vegan but that's for strange and subjectivity true reasons ha

    • Then it’s going to be easy to hit all the 9 aminos, Greek yogurt and skyr is great and high in protein, obviously eggs and egg whites are fantastic. You can get the 9 aminos by combining some legumes and corns, to that I say google is your friend. Obviously you’ve got you whey protein powder, but I always recommend real food over powdered shit. ;)

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