What to bring/make for a party?

My friend is turning 24 this weekend and is having a small gathering at her house (about 7 people total). She wants to order pizza and someone else is bringing brownies, plus I assume there will be a cake.
I was going to make something as well, I just don't know what. I was thinking about making smores dip because she used to go on about it or somekind of appetizer/dip. Maybe just buy a premade snack mix?

Any other ideas of what I could offer to make or bring? Something quick and easy. I'll be coming from work so I'd need it to be something I could make/buy ahead of time.



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  • Make/take a dip. With corn chips. It can be cheap! Go to Aldi. Three bags of orange corn chips, artichoke or spinach hummus.. paper party bowls. Done! about $10


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  • i would do a spinach artichoke dip and heat it up with stacys pita chips! or a fruit platter is easy with whipped cream or something


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  • I din hear u mention drinks?

    • Not sure about drinks. She's not into alcohol, but I suppose could offer to pick up a liter of soda or punch. Good idea, thanks!

    • Sure thing...

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