Can anyone explain what is the difference between cheap 10$ wine and 70$ wine, and what is different about champagne?

I went to my local store and saw the wine section with mostly cheap 10$ wine. Then I saw a special section that had wine between 40$ and 90$. I couldn't find any champagne so I must need to go to a specialty store but I know champagne is super expensive.
what is the difference between them. Are they made different or is more expensive wine more aged?


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  • Champagne is carbonated wine that is made by fermented wine a second time. Some countries are very strict about labeling wine champagne, it is only champagne if it come from that appellation (region) of France. Sparkling wine is the same as champagne but is not from grapes in the Champagne region.

    I don't but into the thought that wine is cheap, it's all in the tongue of the beholder.

    I personally have found that any red wine from Mendoza Argentina is good regardless of price and it is usually $10 or less

    It is all what your pallette prefers and don't let a wine snob tell you otherwise


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  • Age, where it was produced and a load of bs marketing.

  • One is more money lost when you pour it down the sink because wine is for the ladies!
    Jk. You can easily look this up online and even order it there

  • The age and the making of the wine, champagne can only be called a special vine in the champagne france

  • The difference is $60. Champagne has bubbles.


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