To people with an eating disorder. Are you constantly hungry as well?

So, I have an eating disorder. Been bulimic for nearly a year, no one knows and notices anything since my body hasn't changed for any better. My question is, these past few months I am always hungry, I'm constantly hungry and want to eat. I also get thristy a lot, i drink black coffee in the mornings and eat an apple as breakfast, and fast till 4-5pm. And when I do eat, i drink a lot of water and eat less food since it fills me up. Yet i feel hungry all the damn time, my hunger strikes mostly at night. I wake up in the middle of the night feeling hungry and can not go to bed until I eat something. It is the first time i'm experiancing this, can you relate.

Thank you.

Ps: people, I know its wrong and all that shit, i know im doing very unhealthy things so please for gods sake dont chatter about it. I honestly didn't chose to live like this, it was forced on me. Just, try and answer the question. Thank you.


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  • I'm not going to "chatter" about how it's unhealthy. I'm going to say something from experience. Bulimia is not your choice, the way you talk about it is. Changing for "any better" is talking about it in a way that makes it sound like a good thing. I self harmed most of my life from age 13 and up, so I understand that it's not just a choice you made to have an illness. That being said, Ed's are different in that it's one of the only disorders to have support from others, as if it's a good thing. So please, if you are hungry then eat something small. Most say it's best to eat a small amount multiple times a day, even if it's just a handful of grapes or something. Eating 3-5 small amounts a day is healthier then eating once or twice a day. Abd if nothing else, you will feel a little less hungry

    • Thank you, I'll try that.
      I hope your all better. I've gone through that as well.

    • I hope you get better as well. It's not easy, and after years of doing it I don't think the idea of self harm when I'm in the depths will ever dissappear but I will at least have it under control. Stay strong

  • You are hungry because you are malnourished. You don't suddenly stop feeling stimulus because you purge. Get psychiatric help before you go into organ failure and lose all of your teeth to acid erosion


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