Eating food that you don't care for?

So, I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and brought up how I was raised. I was never forced to eat anything. I was forced to take a bite and try it, but never to force it down if I didn't like it. She told me she was raised to always eat everything. It's a matter of respect, she told me. But I tried to counter with the argument that you can politely refuse another's cooking. She made me think all day about this topic. When I was 12, I could make a 3 course dinner. Now, I learned how to cook for myself so that this situation happened rarely, but still, is this pretentious of me? I mean no disrespect in politely refusing, but I simply do not want to eat some foods. Is this wrong? Am I being selfish, rude, or disrespectful?


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  • No, you're not being disrespectful or wrong. My mom was raised to eat everything on her plate even if she was full or didn't like the food.

    I wasn't raised like that. We're not raising our child that way either. We don't force her to eat everything on her plate or eat foods she doesn't like.
    I ask her to try different foods and tell her (she's 4) that if she doesn't like it she doesn't have to eat ever again.
    She sometimes will tell me she won't like it, I ask her how do you know you won't like it if you don't try it, she'll try it and usually likes it.
    She even likes my fried salmon patties which I was surprised!

    I see no point in making a huge issue over food as I've other things to worry about with her.

    • And yes you can politely refuse food- simply by saying no thank you, I'm not fond of liver and onions for example

    • I don't eat at people's houses for that reason- what if they can't cook or I don't like anything they've served. Plus I'm a picky eater.

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  • As a picky eater myself, I totally get you. To me, I would at least take a bite of the food even though I didn't like it. On one hand it could be not as bad and I actually could eat it now OR I still hate it and it's just a bite.

    To me, someone put effort to make you the food so I respond equally with putting effort to try it. Most people are nice, they'll understand.

    I don't like cheese, mushrooms and eggs (the most common of foods) and I've avoided it for about 5 years now without being offensive. You can do it too.


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  • i was taught to have an open mind and try foods but we didn't have to eat foods we didn't necessarily like.

  • It’s fine to not eat something as long as you’re not rude about it. I’d always eat at least a bit of it though.

  • I would say no... there is some foods that literally make me gag. And i think gaging would be more disrespectful the politely denying it.

    • Yea. Gagging doies seem very inappropriate. Hehe. Thanks. Your reply helped.

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