Gobal beer: what's on top?

1: local brand understands the taste buds better
2: local brand understands the local market better
3: enable to develop market strategies


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  • I've always liked local beer producers, I like Ale the most, (Amber ale more specifically) and we have three breweries that brew ale and they are great but expensive imho. Even foreign beer brands are brewed in here with the license (Like Amsterdam Navigator)

    I plan to brew my own beer with kits if I can. Tax on alcohol is incredibly high in Turkey.
    (Price of a Bottle of beer (3₺) + Taxes (4,47₺) = 7.40 ₺)

  • Local brands probably know what's been selling best cause they concentrate more on local sales data and adjust accordingly. Whereas, a national brand probably wouldn't care. They'd only focus on big markets for the most part.

    • Can you explain it in detail? And other points if possible 😅

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