Contradiction in Vegan Ideology?

vegans don't like eating meat because they say it's murder. But vegetables are living creatures. Wouldn't that also be considered murder? Very hypocritical on the vegans side.


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  • Vegetables aren't just living creatures; the plants which they belong to (or, rather, which belong to them) are the living creatures. Root vegetables are, in fact, plants' equivalent of brains. When you plug electrodes into potatoes and carrots, and you get an electricity output from them, that's not because it's a battery. What you're getting is a readout of the plant's brain signals. So it's not just murder; cooking and eating a vegetable is the equivalent of cooking and eating an animal's disembodied, but still living and fully sentient, brain. Do vegans care about that?


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  • Why are you complaining about what other people choose to eat? They refuse to eat meat for their own reasons, they do not have to explain themselves to you.
    If they want to eat meat, so be it. If they don't want to eat meat, so be it as well.
    Then meat eaters have the nerve to complain about vegans complaining lol.
    I swear, I have noticed more meat eaters complaining about vegans than the opposite.

    • I've seen many vegan rallies at steakhouses. I've seen no meat eater rallies at vegan restaurants

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  • Vegetables don't have a nerve system and can't feel the pain.
    Put yourself in the cage 1x1 m, live there for at least a week... Then continue the discussion.
    It's not about murder but treating animals in a humanitarian way... At least... If you still need the meat consumption

    • But they're still living creatures and once you eat them you murder them

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    • @fredrick89 Nah, I already had plenty of fun pointing out to all of the vegan girls on here that if they've ever given a blowjob, they aren't just meat-eaters but they're technically cannibals as well.

    • @SinghSong I haven't presented my ideology here... only wanted to notice that @PoleDancingDuck first, even is not aware of the distinction between vegans and vegetarians, second is posting something for the sake of... posting... or having fun.
      I even wasn't reading in full your quite long, Wikipedia genius comments about boiling potatos or lobsters as my ideology is (and Now I am presenting it) that people are equal to animals, so easily I could cook you without any problem.
      Your last comment though shows how shallow minded you are (still admireing your search skils ;))
      To sum up... my point was, not fighting on arguments but saying that people who don't care about animals shouldn't talk about veganism... it's like teaching parents how to bring up the kids by person who doesn't have the kids. Luck of understanding, that's it.
      I'm on GaG for having fun and relax, not fights... so exuse my lack of answer for the following (I presume ) pleasent comments.

  • They might be living creatures in Harry Potter films but not in real life.

    • No becuase technically all plants are living things overwise they wouldn't grow and die.

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    • That site was last edited in July of 2008 the experiment if plants can feel pain took place in 2009

    • Plants aren't merely living creatures, they're also complex organisms which have significant sensory abilities, awareness, consciousness, integration of information, long-term memory, and adaptive learning. And as such, they're just as sentient as many animals are. As such, seeing as how plants can think, feel pain and even express their pain to others, then how can you deem it fair for them to have no rights whatsoever?

  • I know... Good boi, you listened during Biology class

    • Don't take a look at some of these comments. You might be disappointed in humanities intelligence

    • I know... We were just finishing up our evolutions studies last week... Of course plants live their fucking cells give them energy dammit.

  • As long as they don't eat the roots they're fine.

  • Then why are you eating there food.


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