What are you favourite foods?

My favourite meal would have to be :- chicken breast filled with cream cheese wrapped in bacon, served on a plate of sweet potato fat chips covered in bbq sauce.

If I was going out to eat I’d choose a Chinese any day.

And a meal I regularly eat that’s basic but good is pasta mixed with bacon chunks covered in cheese.

Delicious!!! πŸ™‚ x


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  • Considering I eat chicken twice daily I'd have to go with... Chicken!

    Other things would be, pizza, Asian food, donuts, pastries.

    A favorite meal would be chicken, with veggies (cucumber, tomatoes, bellpeppers, iceberg salad) with a vinaigrette (honey mustard) in a tortilla πŸ˜‹


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  • I have never heard of chicken breast with cream cheese and bacon, I will make a note of it to look up a good recipe to try sometime.

    So as far as a home cooked meal, my favorite meal would have to be ziti with sweet italian sausage and pasta sauce.

    As far as going out, I love Indian and sushi. Indian food is sooo delicious. Butter chicken/chicken Tikka sooo good.


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